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Cannabis Camera Photographs Top 24 Industry Leaders for Sensi Magazine's First Cover Story!

There's a new cannabis magazine hitting the streets... say hello to Sensi Magazine! We've had a blast working with publishers this month to help create some awesome images for several articles AND the cover of their first issue.

The cover story features 24 individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and success of Colorado's cannabis industry. We had the pleasure of working with each of these "pioneers" in our studio in Downtown Denver to create a cohesive set of headshots and make sure this article was published with the professional aesthetic Sensi is striving to achieve.

We also created the cover image for this issue featuring America's first black dispensary owner, Wanda James. Click here to view the cover photo and read the article.

Head over to our portrait portfolio for more info on how we can produce epic headshots for you or your staff!

Cannabis Industry Pioneer Headshots For Sensi Magazine
Cannabis Industry Pioneer Headshots For Sensi Magazine

Huge high fives to these 24 exceptional cannabis leaders!

  1. Wanda James

  2. Teri Robnett

  3. Jane West

  4. Shawn Coleman

  5. Mason Tvert

  6. Ricardo Baca

  7. Mike Elliott

  8. Art Way

  9. Tripp Keber

  10. Brian Vicente

  11. Christian Sederberg

  12. Miguel Lopez

  13. Larisa Bolivar

  14. Chris Woods

  15. Rachel Gillette

  16. Hyler Fortier

  17. Hunter Garth

  18. Aaron Smith

  19. Tyler Dahm

  20. Jessica Billingsley

  21. Amy Poinsett

  22. Ean Seeb

  23. Kayvan Khalatbari

  24. Jonathan Singer

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