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Sensi Mag Cover Photo For Cannabrand's Olivia Mannix

Checkout one of our portraits of long-time friend and client, Olivia Mannix, featured on the cover of this quarter's Colorado issue of Sensi Magazine!

The cover story, written by Bonnie Pipkin, discusses how Olivia and her team at Felicity Pharma are breaking down the barriers of women’s health, disrupting the psychedelics market and bringing female-focused healing to patients in need. The article goes on to explain how modern medicine is “obsessed with symptom management”, requiring patients to stay on prescription medication for the rest of their life, while never getting to the root cause of the symptoms - versus holistic medicine which aims to “reach the root of pain and disorder”. Mannix explains that Felicity Pharma prefers a holistic approach to medicine and “sees psychedelic medicine derived from psilocybin as the best way to get there”.

The article also alerts readers to the fact that “there are clinical trials happening right now to further develop and refine this medicine, and they are specifically seeking women and those with uteruses to participate." You can learn more at

Checkout the full publication here and learn more about Olivia's work as founder and CEO of the world's first Cannabis marketing agency at Cannabrand, and her psychedelics agency, Psilocybrand!

If you're interested in creating some top-notch, magazine quality images for your own personal or corporate branding, please head over to our portrait page to learn more about our work or, if you work with a publication and would like to schedule a shoot to produce content for print or web use, checkout our media page for more info!

Sensi Magazine Psychedelic Feature with Cannabrand's Olivia Mannix
Sensi Magazine Psychedelic Feature with Cannabrand's Olivia Mannix



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