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'Marijuana Industry News' Interview With Kim Sidwell

Cannabis Camera owner, Kim Sidwell recently had the opportunity to speak with Cassandra Dowell from "Marijuana Industry News" about the increasing popularity and benefits of utilizing professional photography to market cannabis products to consumers and help brands stand out from their competition. We also provided a few sample images for the article! Checkout a few excerpts below...

Cannabis Camera owner, Kim Sidwell interviewed by 'Marijuana Industry News
Cannabis Camera owner, Kim Sidwell interviewed by 'Marijuana Industry News

Not only do high quality images inspire consumer confidence, but they also enhance credibility and create an atmosphere of professionalism, said Kim Sidwell, owner of Denver-based Cannabis Camera.

Since starting to specialize in cannabis photography in 2009, Sidwell has observed an increased demand for high-quality photos….

Professional photos get even more likes, shares and comments on social media channels, research shows. In fact, photos on Facebook business pages receive 53 percent more likes and attract 104 percent more comments than other posts, according to inbound marketing and sales software company Hubspot.

“Increased consumer interaction with your posts increases your overall page likes, website views and EdgeRank, Facebook’s visibility algorithm,” Sidwell said. “This leads to more visibility for your company and can lead to a significant increase in sales, especially if you’re utilizing other social media platforms to reach different audiences.”

And this is especially true in the cannabis industry.

“Everybody loves to see and share beautiful photos of gorgeous cannabis flowers, quality extracts, beautifully designed products and delicious edibles,” she said.

In addition to giving marijuana industry members’ social media efforts an edge, quality product photography can also improve a website, blog and other online and print advertising efforts.

“While the world is generally shifting from print to digital more and more every day, there is still profound value in having professional, high-resolution images for print marketing,” she said, adding that a good professional image can be used in a full-page magazine ad.

Dispensary owners can also get creative with professional photographs of their product by placing those images on promotional items, such as calendars, magnets, stickers and more.

As the number of medical and recreational marijuana permits being issued continues to climb, dispensary owners are faced with increasing competition from others eager to have a foothold in the emerging multibillion-dollar industry. High quality photos are one way owners can gain consumers’ trust and showcase the unique properties of their plants—the details that set them apart from the rest.



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