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Rest In Peace, little Cash Hyde

We are heartbroken at the news that four year old cancer and cannabis patient, Cash Hyde passed away at his home in Missoula, Montana last night. Cash’s father, Mike Hyde made the following statement on his facebook page last night, “Cashy passed away tonight while I was holding him. His last breath was so peacful and I feel so comforted knowing that he was at home with family. Cancer will never hurt Cashy again and for that I am thankful. One Love”

Please see the video below for more information about how this amazing little boy and his brave family fought the system, beat the odds against cancer and bought themselves some valuable time and comfort by utilizing the benefits of cannabis oil. Cashy’s battle was not an easy one, as he played a nasty game of tug of war with cancer… but in his short time with us, he has touched the lives of thousands (if not millions) and has accomplished more than most adult activists ever will.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet, play with and photograph Cashy last year and do not have the words to express how amazing this little boy was. When looking at the outpouring of grief, love and support that is flooding the internet at the news of this tragic loss, it is clear that I am not alone when I say that Cashy will live on in my heart forever and his memory will never be forgotten. It was an honor to meet such a sweet, brave little boy.

Rest In Peace, little man and thank you for being such an amazing source of inspiration for us all!

Here are a few of the photos we were able to capture of Cash and his dad at last year's Green Leaf Expo in Colorado Springs...

If you’d like to express your condolences to Cashy’s family, please take a moment to stop by The Cash Hyde Foundation’s Facebook Page. The Cash Hyde Foundation’s mission is to fight cancer with smiles, prayers, positive energy and provide information and financial support for children with cancer and their families. Click here to learn more about how this organization is helping other children with cancer and please take a moment to make a donation in Cashy’s Honor.

UPDATE: via Cashy’s mother, Kalli Hyde: “Cashy’s celebration of life will be Monday morning at 10:30 with a viewing at 9:15 at St. Francis church in Missoula. There will be a police precession after ceremony taking cashy back go funeral home then we will meet back at the church for a potluck style reception. Thank you everyone for being apart of cashys short journey on this earth, we truly appreciate everyone’s support, we couldn’t of done it without all of you!”

Learn more about Cashy's story in the news story below...

UPDATE: See below for local news coverage of Cash's funeral service



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